Our History


“Every child is a success at Double R Private School!”

The Double R Private School was founded in 1974 by Ted and Brenda Reichle.  The school started with 10 preschool students and expanded into a summer camp, where children from the surrounding community came to swim, play ball and horse back ride.

Each year, the school grew to accommodate a new grade level. Now, The Double R Private School offers a Gold Seal awarded Preschool, and AISF/NCPSA accredited elementary and middle school. The 10 acre campus provides a secure environment for academic and social interaction.

The school has become an educational and recreational landmark, dedicated  to community service and involvement.

Focused Attention

The Double R Private School, is a unique, educational experience  that focuses on the needs of the individual student and family. With an average of only twelve students per grade, our carefully selected educators are able to provide students the attention they need that is vital to their success. Administrators and staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns that may come up throughout the year.

 Prepared For Lifelong Learning

The Double R Private School supports traditional family values and encourages compassion, courtesy, and respect.The challenging academic program stresses traditional teaching methods. These techniques  produce energetic and motivated students who are inspired to reach their highest potential. Strong focus on leadership, responsibility, organization, and academic success prepares students for a successful transition into high school and future opportunities throughout their lives.

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